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Welcome to DIET Bandipora


District Institute of Education and Trainings Bandipora was established vide order no: 1343-GAD of 2007 Dated 20-11-2007 with a staff strength of 46 officials, 24 Gazetted and 22 Non-Gazetted. On the moving wheels of life it Progressing to meet the day to day requirements as when needed.

About Diet

District Institute of Education and Trainings (DIET) is a nodal agency for providing academic and resource support at the grassroot level for the success of various strategies and programmes undertaken in the areas of elementary and adult education. with special reference to Universalisation of Primary Elementary Education and National Literacy Mission (NLM) targets with regards to functional literacy in 15-35 age group. DIETS are the special institutions established the special aim of improling primary education.

Until the adaptation of NPE 1986. academic and resource support in the area of elementary education was being provided largely at national and state levels only by institutions like NCERT. NIEPA and SCERTs. Likewise in the area of adult education. the support wasprovided b! the Central Directorate of Adult Education at the national level and h!. State Resource Centres at the state level. Below the state level.
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    It is a matter of great joy and satisfaction that like other DIETS of state J & K, DIET Bandipora is also online now. Camping in not in its own premises, and under staffed the overall achievements in all its seven functions are upto the mark. In spite of all pools and pressures the overall working never got suffered due to the full support and cooperation of the staff of all ranks who put in their best efforts to maintain the present status.

    Very recently the DIET has been assigned the task of conducting the examination of class 5th to 9th for about 40 thousand students of the district and keeping their registration and bio-data online. This process too is near completion.

    Since its creation in the year 2007 the thousands of teachers/masters were trained in different subjects. This has resulted in the capacity building & for smooth delivery of lessons. Conducting of debates, seminars, quizzes & competitions is a normal cum routine functioning of the DIET Bandipora besides regular class work of in-service DEEd pupil teachers.

    The DIET is presently engaged in monitoring the secondary Departments of all the clusters and is always ready to provide the academic support to every needed institution.

    I wish all my subordinates, a great success who contributes their best in the smooth functioning of this DIET in their respective positions. I am sure they will keep it up in future also.

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  • Near SP Office Kaloosa Bandipora.
    Tele: 226210 Fax: 01957-22210


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